› 26/10/2009
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  › 07/09/2007
SecurSurf becomes SurfSolo

To avoid name conflicts with other vendors, the SecurStar product SecurSurf has been renamed into SurfSolo. The old product features and service remains the same in SurfSolo as they where in SecurSurf.

SurfSolo is an effective solution to encrypt the online traffic and stay completely anonymous online by changing your IP address. More information about SurfSolo can be found here

Note: In Germany, the company SecuLution GmbH ( sells a product named SecuSurf. This product is in NO WAY RELATED to our old product SecurSurf or with new product SurfSolo. Both companies are completely INDEPENDENT to each other and the name similarity is absolutely casual.

  › 27/06/2007
DriveCrypt 4.61 Released

We have just released DriveCrypt 4.61 compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista 64 Bit. If you are already using version 4.60 just install the new version 4.61 on top of the old version. The license key is automatically upgraded with no further user intervention.

  › 10/02/2007
DriveCrypt 4.6 and DriveCrypt PlusPack 3.9 are now released.

These new versions are now compatible with the new Microsoft Vista (32 Bit) operating system.

Besides the above, the new software has been optimized in its routines so that the on-the-fly encryption/decryption process is now even faster.

For customers with active upgrade service, the download and registration of the new version is free of charge.

  › 20/11/2006
DCPP 3.8 released

We are happy to announce that a newer version of DriveCrypt Plus Pack, version 3.8 has now been released. With this latest version, we have added Windows hibernation support and have ensured that both the hibernation and disk dump files are securely protected and encrypted at all times. DCPP 3.8 also fixes some bugs which arose in version 3.5, so therefore we highly recommend that you upgrade your 3.5 version to our new release of the software. How to upgrade: All customers that are currently using DCPP 3.5 can simply download and install the new version on top of the old one without the need to decrypt any disks, or uninstall the older DCPP version 3.5 If you are using a version older then 3.5, then please make sure you have a valid upgrade service in place (you purchased your original software version less then six months ago or you have purchased the upgrade service in the last 12 months). Then decrypt your operating system, remove bootauth, and uninstall the old version by resetting the license key on the server so a new key can be generated for the new version. (see the user manual for more information's on how to migrate a license)

  › 06/09/2006
ShareCrypt 2.1 Released

We are pleased to inform that SecurStar just released to the public ShareCrypt.

ShareCrypt is a disk, file and folder encryption software able to encrypt data on a shared network drive or folder, allowing simultaneous multiple users accesses the encrypted data.

ShareCrypt is a client-based solution; this means that the software is only installed on the client machine from where the data should be accessed. Nothing needs to be installed on the server.

ShareCrypt allows specifying all the users (and correspondent passwords) that are allowed to access the encrypted data. Users can be added and removed at any later time.

The data on the server are visible to the system administrator that has the possibility to back them up as if he where working with unencrypted data, however he will not have access to the actual confidential content of the files unless he also where granted the permission to do so.

ShareCrypt is the ideal solution to protect shared files and folders on a network environment and its encryption can be used alone or in combination with DriveCrypt or DriveCrypt plus pack.

As an introductory price and for a limited time only, ShareCrypt is sold for only Euro 39.95

For more information’s about ShareCrypt, please visit our homepage at:

  › 14/05/2006
DriveCrypt 4.4 and DCPP 3.5 Released

DriveCrypt 4.4 and DCPP 3.5 Released SecurStar is happy to announce, that DriveCrytp 4.4 and DCPP 3.5 has just been released.

Along other modifications, the new version of DriveCrypt has no longer a limitation in traveler modus. Now disks can be accessed with read/write access for both fixed and removable disks.

The new version of DCPP, along other modifications, now allows customizing of the pre-boot screen and extends the amount of more external USB token (such as Aladdin PRO).

For customers with active upgrade service, the download and registration of the new version is free of charge.

  › 14/11/2005
Central Management Console for DCPP Released

We are happy to announce the release of DCPP Enterprise Edition.
The DCPP enterprise edition offers a central management console where it is possible to control all workstations over the network, from a central place.
The management console allows assigning /removing or modify users on client machines; offers setting of complex password policies; controls the whole encryption/decryption process; allows a password reset trough challenge-response functionality and much more.
DCPP enterprise manager can also read /import your current corporate users-list and is fully married with active directory.
For more details about the DCPP enterprise Manager, please contact our sales department and get a free evaluation version of the software.

  › 02/10/2005
SecurSurf v. 1.0 Released

SecurStar is happy to announce, that SecurSURF has just been released. SecurSURF is an encrypted security tunnel that shields you from the most sophisticated methods of online spying and snooping. SecurSURF is like the secure VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) that corporations use, but designed for personal use. SecurSURF is simple to set up and use, and works silently in the background without slowing down your Internet connection. (this depends on your connection speed and how far you are from the country where the server is hosted) SecurSURF (The SSH Privacy Tunnel) creates an encrypted virtual tunnel between your computer and one of our high bandwidth security proxy servers. SecurSURF allows you to: - Become anonymous on the internet by changing your IP address - Maximize your privacy when you surf: (Even your Internet provider will no longer be able to see what you are doing online) - Mask your real location and make you untraceable. In addition to the above, SecurSURF offers you also a fully anonymous email account. For more informations about SecurSURF, please visit our homepage:

  › 18/09/2005
SecurWall v. 0.97PR Released

We just released SecurWall 0.97 the Powerfull Personal Firewall. SecurWall is a personal firewall designed to protect computers against malicious attacks, port scanning, viruses and other software entities,making your PC invisible on the Internet. SecurWall provides highest security using a simple and friendly interface, protecting your machine from outer attacks and malicious programs.

  › 08/09/2005
Online Live Help available

From our homepage you can now directly contact and chat in real time with our support team. Unless there is an emergency, Live Help should possibly be used only for pre-sales questions, while product support questions should still be made trough our support area: Live Help will usually be available Monday to Friday from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm (CET - Central European Time)

  › 14/09/2004
DCPP 3.0 Released

This version introduces a new milestone for disk encryption software: As first encryption software in the world, DCPP now allows to hide your entire operating system inside the free disk space of another operating system. With DCPP you can now hide your entire operating system, this means you can now define two passwords for your computer: One password is for the visible operating system, the other for the invisible one. The first "fake" password gives you access to a pre-configured operating system (outer OS), while the other gives you access to your real working operating system. This functionality is extremely useful if you fear that someone may force you to provide the DCPP password; in this case, you simply give away the first (fake) password so that your attacker will be able to boot your system, but only see the prepared information that you want him to find. The attacker will not be able to see any confidential and personal data and he will also not be able to understand that the machine is storing one more hidden operating system. On the other hand, if you enter your private password (for the invisible disk), your system will boot a different operating system (your working system) giving you access to all your confidential data.

  › 02/05/2004
DCPP 2.8 Released

DriveCrypt Plus Pack (ver. 2.7) has been released. These are the new features on this version: - The software can now automatically be registered over the internet. - Possibility to check for new software versions over the internet from GUI - Gui screen has been optimised and menu buttons changed

  › 02/05/2004
DriveCrypt 4.2 Released

DriveCrypt (ver. 4.2) has been released. This are the features and bug fixes of the new version: - Container size limitation lifted (Container stored on NTFS disks can now have UNLIMITED size) - GUI is now executable from both the desktop icon, or the taskbar - The software registration routine has been automated - Possibility to check for new software versions over the internet trough the GUI - The visualization of the GUI on higher graphic resolutions has been optimised

  › 27/04/2004
Bilingual (German-English) homepage released

Today we just released the German version of our homepage. To switch between English and German, just click at the language flag on the top of the homepage. If you find any translation problems, please notify us at:

  › 27/01/2004
DCPP 2.7 Released

DriveCrypt Plus Pack (ver. 2.7) has been released. These are the new features on this version: - It is now possible to stop the encryption/ decryption process and resume it later on. - Encryption and decryption of a hard disk can now safely handle system freezes and, wherever possible, power loss. (After rebooting the machine you can resume the encryption/ decryption process). - The recovery.exe utility has been updated and can handle partially encrypted/decrypted disks

  › 26/01/2004
DriveCrypt 4.1 Released

DriveCrypt (ver. 4.1) has been released. This are the features and bug fixes of the new version: - Traveller Modus now allows read/write access to encrypted container (Note: ONLY for container stored on a REMOVABLE media) - Red-screen modus security improved. - Fixed, problem making invisible disks on partitions etc., greater then 4 GB - Fixed a rare appearing problem causing the PC to lock-up, when mounting/dismount a container - Fixed a problem when changing passwords on hidden containers/partitions - Fixed traveller modus that where starting DriveCrypt only in demo modus - Fixed some other minor bugs…

  › 14/12/2003
New homepage feature

We are proud to announce the release of a new feature on our online system "Refer-A-Friend", allowing to: -> Refer our products to your friends, offering them a 5% purchase discount -> Get a 20% bonus on the purchases your referred friends make -> Purchase software or services free of charge spending your earned credit points Our online system will allow you to track ALL credits in real time. This is an ideal opportunity to get free of charge, unlimited upgrade service for your software. To use this new feature and earn credits, please login into the private member area of our homepage using your login and password. If you forgot your login/password, you can retrieve it here Enter the email address of your friend in the REFER-A-FRIEND section, and our system will automatically send an email with a 5% purchase bonus to your friend. If your friends purchase anything from our homepage you will be automatically credited with the equivalent of 20% of your friends purchase in credits. Those you can later spend getting our products or services free of charge.

  › 28/08/2003
DriveCrypt 4.0 Released

We just released a new verion of DriveCrypt. This new version 4.0 is completely revised; it has a new user interface as well as several powerful new functionalities such as the creation of INVISIBLE DISKS, the possibility to change the partitions ID for encrypted partitions etc. Please see the product section for more details.

  › 15/07/2003
Website Server Moved

We just moved the homepage to a new server. It may take some days until the DNS is updated worldwide but you should not experience problems. It may be normal to get a warning message in the SSL certificate, just ignore it.

  › 03/07/2003
DCPP 2.60 Released

As first company in the world, SecurStar now released a full disk encryption solution that supports both the Aladdin and the Rainbow USB token (USB-key) at a pre-boot level. With this new version, you can now also use your Rainbow USB-Token (iKey 1000) two factor authentication to start your machine and decrypt your operating system.

  › 04/06/2003
DriveCrypt 3.03c Released

We've just released DriveCrypt 3.03c. In this new version several bugs have been fixed, also some minor changes have been made; for instance the command line access has been extended, also now it is possible to mount containers and partitions while passing the password trough the command line...

  › 04/06/2003
DriveCrypt Plus Pack (DCPP) 2.50 Released

We just released DriveCrypt Plus Pack (DCPP) - Version 2.50 In this version, we added some extra features such as "lockout local console" on unattended computers... Also several reported bugs have been fixed.

  › 03/06/2003
New homepage design

We've changed the look of our homepage. Besides the more modern design, we also implemented a private member area where customer can see their order history, print invoices, generate software license keys etc...

  › 13/04/2003
Knowledgebase added to our homepage

A new section has been added to our homepage where users can easily find answers to known problems by searching topics using keywords. The Knowledge base is divided into product categories.

  › 15/03/2003
Our DriveCrypt FAQ page has been revised and updated

Our DriveCrypt FAQ page has been revised and updated

  › 06/03/2003
DCPP freezing bug fixed

Occasionally some users reported of "freezing problems” when using DCPP. This nasty Bug has now been fixed. It took us quite some time to find this because it appeared only on some specific computer machines, therefore we where never able to reproduce the problem in our lab. Please make sure to upgrade your DCPP software by logging in into our protected download area.


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